Flight dynamics model for preliminary design of PrandtlPlane wing configuration with sizing of the control surfaces

Fabrizio Oliviero, Davide Zanetti, Vittorio Cipolla


This paper deals with the evaluation of the flight dynamics response of aircraft with a PrandtlPlane configuration by means of simple models to be used during the preliminary design. The study is completed by a method for an initial sizing of the elevators and the ailerons (positioned on both the front and the rear wing) in order to achieve adequate handling qualities. The flight dynamics model considers the rigid aircraft, the steady aerodynamics, and separating the longitudinal and the lateral-directional motions. The force derivatives are extrapolated through a VLM solver whose the reliability of the results has been proven. The methods have been applied on the IDINTOS aircraft with the conclusion that we obtain a proper longitudinal dynamic response with a reduced Margin of Stability because of the very high values of the aerodynamic damping Mq and the pitch stiffness Malpha.


Flight Dynamics; PrandtlPlane; Box Wing; Preliminary design; mobile surfaces

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19249/ams.v95i4.289


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