WAGNER: a new code for parametrical structural study of fuselages of civil transport aircraft

Marco Picchi Scardaoni, Vincenzo Binante, Vittorio Cipolla


In the present paper, a new code (named WAGNER) for a parametric and automatic Finite Element mesh generation of fuselages of civil transport aircraft is presented. The code aims at providing a time saving and reliable tool in the conceptual design phase in order to evaluate stresses and deformations in the whole fuselage structure; these data allows us a preliminary structural sizing to be used as a baseline for deeper investigations and to determine the empty weight of the fuselage in view of a preliminary prediction of the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft. As an example of application, two layouts have been analysed: a non conventional two aisle single-deck (SD) with 2-4-2 passengers abreast
and a double-deck (DD) with 3-3 passengers abreast/deck. FEM results for two different load cases (combined loads at limit load factor and ultimate pressurization) with geometrical linear and non-linear solutions, are finally discussed.


FEM; PrandtlPlane; fuselage; PrP; Parsifal project; parametric code

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