Aviation and the 4th Industrial Revolution: The Prominent Role of Networks of Excellence

Daniel Hanus, Pascal Revel, Francesco Marulo, Pascal Bauer


Recent era of the development of the global civilization is characterized by a dramatic change of paradigms in design,
production and methods of operations either in the industry or in services. This change of the principles is called as
the fourth industrial revolution, which will fundamentally change the way of life, work and also relation between people.
The aim of the paper is to point out the importance of the adaptation of the formation of engineers and scientists in
aerospace sector to this new situation in industry and society and to adapt the teaching methods, procedures and contents
of engineering programs curricula in order to prepare graduates not only for present requirements of industry but also
to make them ready for their professional life. The paper shows that aerospace universities grouped in Pegasus Network
have established a system of quality assurance of aerospace engineering education in order to meet the requirements of
the Industry 4.0.


Aviation; Industry 4.0; Aerospace Engineering

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