Frozen Sonic Flow Method Applied to Arc-Heated Facilities for Planetary Re-Entry Simulation

Antonio Esposito, Francesco Aponte


The most important parameter in low-density arc-heated ows for atmosphere entry simulations is the centerline total
enthalpy Hcl which is strictly related to the average total enthalpy Hne (bulk enthalpy at nozzle exit). In this paper
the "sonic ow method" widely used for Hcl calculation in mono-atomic and diatomic molecules gas mixtures, has been
extended to polyatomic molecules gas mixtures. By means of a reduced-scale arc-jet facility and using Nitrogen N2 as hot
feeding gas, three mixtures were investigated by adding cold gases like O2, CO2 and CH4 through a mixer just before the
nozzle. Using bulk enthalpies ranging between 5 and 30 [MJ=Kg] the calculated enthalpy ratios were Hcl=Hne = 1:38
for N2


planetary entry; arc wind tunnels

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